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Lights Dance Festival


Inviting the World of Dance to Toronto

Started in 2017, Lights Dance Festival began with a mission to present and bring together the world of international dance films and local dance profiles to a Toronto audience in a night of art and entertainment. Although its main event is annual, the team behind the festival is passionate about building communication between the dance and film community by hosting fundraisers, mentorship programs, and exhibitions throughout the year. It is a non-profit organization that share strong values with Bird & Rhino, and it has been an absolute pleasure to have taken a role in their growth for their 3rd annual festival and more to come.


Supporting the Troupe

  Campaign Management
  Analytics & Reporting
  Video Production


Tapping into the Community

Website Rebrand & Various Productions

The first task that Bird & Rhino tackled on was to recreate Lights Dance Festival's website from its stock WordPress version into a new modern style that best featured the organization's youthful characteristics and core values. The results were a sleek, monochromatic look with magazine-like layouts to engage visitors with what they can expect from the festival -a hip and exciting tradition establishing itself in Toronto. As film is an integral part of the festival, an introduction teaser film has been produced with collaboration between the Lights Dance Festival team and Bird & Rhino. Our team followed the core theme and guidelines given by the Lights Dance Festival team, but also kept true to our craft and vision by using natural light to create contrast and a dramatic feel to the film. Bird & Rhino has also helped Lights Dance Festival partner up with local sponsors for a fundraiser with live performances in April.

Dancers of Toronto

'Dancers of Toronto' is an editorial project created by Bird & Rhino aimed to cross-promote the festival as well as local dancers to get further involved with the Toronto dance community. It is an on-going photo editorial with a simple Q&A style interview to study and dive into the diversity and shared roots in dance and expression that the dancers share with each other. The idea behind the photography was to create a diptych of the dancer in their 'everyday-personality' and their 'dancer-persona' side to side. Each editorial has been posted on Lights Dance Festival's website and social media channels, and is being planned on becoming an exhibition in the future.

Instagram Management

Lights Dance Festival's Instagram account has grown 3658 followers from having 51 followers over 9 months under Bird & Rhino's management, averaging around 14 website clicks per week. The strategy behind the growth and overall curation was set in phases where photos and videos from previous festivals were first posted with sponsors and participants being promptly tagged to build a solid foundation for the account. Then Bird & Rhino carefully created a selection of old and new photos of significant dancers throughout history, as well as dance photos that are simply visually stunning and targeted dance coupes around the world. Promotions and submission invites for the next upcoming festival were carefully inserted in between these posts to maintain focus on the organization and to build up hype.