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Evergreen Clinic


Invoking Brand Awareness through Social Media

In an impressively bold move, chiropractor Dr. Chris Park has opened Evergreen Clinic with 2 simultaneous locations in Coquitlam & Surrey. The young chiropractor had just graduated and moved from California, with previous work experience under another chiropractic clinic for 2 years to understand how to run the business. With a brand name inspired by his father’s old clinic in South Korea, he was ready take to Vancouver on -but only to face the challenges of a new business unfamiliarized by locals. It was up to Bird & Rhino to help build Evergreen Clinic’s brand recognition by harnessing the full potential of Instagram marketing.


Just from Instagram

  Analytics & Reporting

Bird & Rhino’s 6 month trajectory was to target local surrounding businesses and athletic societies within Coquitlam, Surrey, as well as Vancouver. First 3 months, our content strategy heavily involved the clinics, its staff members, and Dr. Park, while the last 3 months took a turn into content focusing on services and health tips. The results were 2333 new Instagram followers over 6 months from starting with 0 followers, with 20% from Vancouver, 3% from Burnaby, 2% from Coquitlam, 6% from Surrey, and 2% from Langley. Our engagement rate was at 13.13%, had an average of 36 website clicks per month, and an average of 1,089 reach and 4,231 impressions per month as well. Over the course of our campaign, Dr. Park had received numerous direct messages to his clinic’s Instagram account regarding expo and talk collaborations, including many general inquiries from potential customers. Now, Dr. Park and his Evergreen Clinic team continues to work without our help and has grown their account to over 3K followers and growing!